Curious about your pension?

After a long working life you will want to enjoy your well-earned retirement, so you will probably want to know how much you will get when the time comes. With this in mind, AG Employee Benefits has developed for you a useful personalised tool that shows you your latest ‘pension situation’ any time you want.
MyAG Employee Benefits: a complete overview of your complementary pension
If you are logging on to MyAG Employee Benefits for the first time, you will need to register before you can gain access.

​MyAG Employee Benefits answers all your questions about your complementary pension, adapted to your personal situation:

  • How much money do you have accrued to date?
  • What will you receive when you retire?
  • What was accrued via a previous employer that was also insured at AG Employee Benefits?
  • What entitlements will your beneficiaries have should you pass away before retirement age?
  • etc.


These are obviously just a few of the questions that are dealt with. You can also view a complete and personalised overview of your pension and hospitalisation insurance plans via your employer or sector. In short, you should definitely discover the advantages of this unique tool!

On this easy to use platform, you will also find a digital version of your benefits statement. At a glance it shows you how much complementary pension you have built up, complete with:

  • your insured benefits;
  • the deposited contributions;
  • the capital already accrued;
  • your capital at the end-date.


So MyAG Employee Benefits is an indispensable tool for anybody who is eager to find out about his or her pension situation, today and tomorrow. Log on and discover where you stand with your pension.


Are you still receiving your hardcopy benefits statement? We realise that a benefits statement is not as easy to read as a well-written book. So here you will find a useful glossary that explains in plain language the most difficult terms used in your statement (only available in French or Dutch).


The MyAG Employee Benefits app consolidates all your employee benefits: supplementary pension, healthcare and income protection covers. This way, you always have all information about your benefits at your fingertips! Download the app from your app store and try it out right away.

Some useful tips

​If you are logging on to MyAG Employee Benefits for the first time, you will need to register before you can gain access. How to do this is explained on the homepage., the Belgian government pensions website, you will find a lot of additional information about your state and complementary pension(s).