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​If your employer has opted for one (or more) forms of health insurance cover at AG Employee Benefits, you will enjoy full health insurance cover.  You can read the exact meaning of these solutions for you in the detailed information pages: 


Reimbursement of your hospital stay and other medical expenses

​For reimbursement of your medical costs, you can count on your health insurance plan(s) taken out through your employer. For the process to run smoothly, from reporting your admission to hospital through to reimbursement on your bank account, you will find a lot of useful tips below:

We have also prepared a comprehensive guide on two important  life moments:


Reporting your hospital admission via Medi-Assistance

​If your employer has concluded a Medi-Assistance third party payer agreement for you, your hospital bill will be settled directly between the hospital and AG Employee Benefits.

More than 95% of the Belgian hospitals work with Medi-Assistance. You find the list of those here.

You don't know whether you are covered by the third-party payer agreement? Please look on your card for the words 'Medi-Assistance'.

I want to report my hospital admission via Medi-Assistance 


Your My Healthcare Card

​With your personal My Healthcare Card, your covered pharmacy costs are automatically reimbursed after your visit to the pharmacy. But first you must activate your card. Besides, your card has more to offer.

All the details about my My Healthcare Card