Why a complementary income?

The Income Protection insurance, provides a monthly complementary income if ever you’re off on extended sick leave. Employers provide this coverage as a way to top up the statutory Illness-Disability benefits which is often insufficient.
When can you collect Income Protection benefits?
income protection
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You become eligible for Income Protection benefits if you are on extended incapacity leave due to:

• an illness
• an occupational accident
• a non-occupational accident
• post-natal maternity leave

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Additional peace of mind

There are also a few optional covers designed to provide even greater peace of mind:

Career break coverage
While you’re on a career break, you work less or not at all, but your employment contract remains intact. During a (full-time) career break, however, your Income Protection insurance is suspended and you are no longer covered.

Has your employer included optional career break coverage in your plan? If so, you’ll still be entitled to your Income Protection coverage for all "justified career breaks" (e.g. medical leave to care for a family member with a serious health condition), for up to a maximum of one year. This means that you’ll receive a replacement income once you have served the applicable waiting period, provided that you intend to return to work afterwards.

The following example will help clarify the situation. Let’s say you’ve taken a career break from 1 January to 1 May. On 1 March, you come down with an illness and your waiting period is 30 days. On 1 May, you’re still feeling unwell. You then start collecting a replacement income as of 1 May; you’ve served the waiting period but had planned to go back to work on 1 May. If you didn’t have career break coverage, you wouldn’t be entitled to a replacement income.

Return-to-work assistance
If you’re off work due to a stress-related condition such as depression or burnout syndrome, in most cases, as an AG Employee Benefits plan participant, you’ll be entitled to voluntary return-to-work assistance, available free of charge through our independent external care providers. This way, you’ll get the tools you need to ease your transition back to the workplace safely and successfully.

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income protection
With optional career break coverage, you’ll still be entitled to claim Income Protection benefits while on a career break