What is a complementary pension?

Complementary pensions have become increasingly popular and important. How can we explain this phenomenon?

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Your complementary pension

Want to find out how much your group insurance plan is currently worth? Curious about the size of your nest egg when you retire? It's all right here on MyAG Employee Benefits.

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What do you do when…?

As you progress through your career, you'll invariably make some decisions that will affect the size of your complementary pension pot. Whether it's choosing your first job or building a home, your complementary pension comes into play more often than you'd think. 

Below is a list of key life events that have an impact on your complementary pension:


Investment fund options for your group insurance savings

To invest your group insurance savings, AG Employee Benefits offers a wide variety of funds to choose from, with or without a guaranteed return, and with varying levels of risk to suit your investor profile.

Looking for the latest fund data and performance reports? Then you've come to the right place. 

Interested in a broader view of where the economy is heading? We have just the right sources for you:

  • AG EB Invest Dashboard
    ​This dashboard is a reporting tool that gives you a detailed overview of the evolution, composition and management of the investment funds that AG offers through its group insurance solutions.​​