Reporting an occupational incapacity

Ideally, you should apply for occupational incapacity benefits as soon as possible. 

With Income Protection coverage, you’ll get an extra sweetener in your bank account every month on top of your state benefits while you’re off on extended sick leave. A welcome financial boost, particularly if you’re at home caring for a newborn baby or undergoing treatment for a critical illness.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth:  If you’re pregnant, what should you do to get ready for your new arrival? Are you also entitled to a replacement income after the birth of your child?
  • Treatment for a critical illness:  Find out how your insurance can help if you’ve been diagnosed with a critical illness

Why these covers?

Occupational incapacity insurances provide you with a financial safety net if ever you’re unable to work due to an illness, accident or the birth of a child. Read on to find out why these covers are so essential.

  • Hard facts and figures:  a few key figures to highlight why occupational incapacity insurances are far from an unnecessary indulgence
  • State benefits:  why aren’t they enough to live on?

The following snapshots from real life will immediately clarify why these covers are so beneficial:


Our solutions

Occupational incapacity insurance comes with a host of useful benefits. Read on to find out more about:

About to start a new job? You have the right to take out continuation coverage if you’re no longer with the same company.