Spotlight on your benefits statement

Spotlight on your benefits statement

​​​​​AG Employee Benefits issues you a benefit statement on a regular basis.

This statement contains information about:

   - the covers provided   
   - the premiums
   - the savings that have vested to date
   - the lump-sum benefit payable at maturity

There are two parts to your benefits statement:

   - an overview of the main figures
   - a detailed explanation of the information contained in the overview

Try our handy jargon buster below for further clarification of the terms used on your benefits statement.

Click on your type of benefits statement. You’ll find this information in the footnotes on the overview page of your benefits statement.


​N.B.: Each glossary was designed to represent the base case. Your benefits statement may differ slightly from the example we have provided. For additional specific questions about your benefits statement which are outside the scope of the glossary, check the pension plan regulations available from your employer.