Income Protection

Real-life case study: pregnancy

Anne: 8 months pregnant and carefree

​Anne’s due date is approaching fast and she’s getting ready to bring a new baby into this world. She has excellent insurance coverage through her employer, including a hospital plan that covers the medical costs of an inpatient stay. But what about her financial security while she’s off on maternity leave?

Statutory maternity benefits

Anne is, of course, entitled to collect statutory maternity benefits, a replacement income payable by the Sickness Fund to pregnant employees and employees who have recently given birth.

The benefit amount varies based on salary and over time:

• For the first 30 days of maternity leave, Anne will collect 82% of her salary in statutory benefits
• As of day 31, Anne will be entitled to an allowance representing 75% of her salary (up to the maximum cap)


Additional benefits with Income Protection coverage

Fortunately, with Anne’s corporate-sponsored Income Protection plan, she won’t be feeling much of a pinch from the loss of income. Depending on the waiting period, Anne will be entitled to a sweetener on top of her statutory benefits.
In practical terms? Anne works in the marketing department for a major corporation in Mechelen. She earns a gross monthly salary of EUR 3,000. With her Income Protection coverage, she will have an additional EUR 5301 per month to fall back on, on top of her statutory benefits. As an insured at AG Employee Benefits, you can easily find this amount by logging in to MyAG Employee Benefits via your computer or app.


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