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Real-life case study: burnout

Mia: off for an extended period

Mia is one of the most enthusiastic, highest achieving employees at her company. And then, out of nowhere, she gets written off sick with full-fledged burnout. All the more proof that none of us are immune to burnout syndrome. But what happens next?

Income protection insurance, your safety net against financial strain

Fortunately, Mia has an Income Protection plan through her employer. With this coverage, she never has to worry about the potential strain on her finances. Instead, she can focus her time and energy on what really matters: her recovery. Via MyAG Employee Benefits​, she can even open up her case file online.

Shortly afterwards, Mia is invited to participate in a return-to-work assistance programme designed to ease her transition back to the workplace. Mia is pleasantly surprised by the collaborative process and genuine concern for her psychological well-being.


What exactly is involved in the AG Employee Benefits return-to-work programme?

Accredited external partners specialised in treating stress-related conditions ensure that Mia gets the appropriate support and guidance that will allow her to return to work safely and successfully.

In practical terms? With our return-to-work assistance, Mia is ready to go back to work after just three months of sick leave. She’s a consultant for a communication agency in Antwerp, where she earns a gross salary of EUR 2,500 per month. During her sick leave, she was able to concentrate fully on her recovery. Her Income Protection plan removed the financial strain of losing her income, entitling her to collect an additional EUR 820 per month1 (on top of the EUR 1​,500 she could claim as statutory Illness-Disability compensation). As an insured at AG Employee Benefits, you can easily find this amount by logging in to MyAG Employee Benefits.


Tip 1: Log in for more information about our return-to-work programme and find out whether you – like Mia – are eligible for this type of assistance. This is also where you can check the amount of your replacement income. You can also download the MyAG Employee Benefits app from your app store. This way, you always have all information about your insurance covers at your fingertips.​ 

Tip 2: To be eligible for our return-to-work assistance programme, make sure you report your occupational incapacity to AG Employee Benefits within the first 30 days.

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