Income Protection

Real-life case study: accident

Tom: DIY ladder accident

​The ladder clearly wasn’t stable, because Tom lost his balance and had a bad fall, landing him in hospital. After major back surgery, he is now stuck at home flat on his back for at least three months, if not more. Fortunately, his corporate-sponsored hospital plan covered the cost of the operation. But what about the loss of income while he’s off on occupational incapacity leave?

Income protection insurance: a safety net even for non-workplace accidents

Tom doesn’t have specific coverage for accidents outside the workplace. Fortunately, he has an Income Protection plan through his employer, entitling him to a replacement income. With this coverage, he gets a sweetener in his bank account every month on top of his statutory incapacity benefits.

While his DIY plans are on hold, Tom can focus his time and energy on his recovery, without having to worry about the potential strain on his finances.

Tom is an IT manager in the chemical sector. He earns a gross monthly salary of EUR 5,000. With his Income Protection plan, and after serving the one-month waiting period, he’ll receive an additional gross payment of EUR 2,2001, on top of his statutory benefits.


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