Covered thanks to your employer

Have an upcoming hospital stay? Lucky for you that you have hospitalisation insurance through your employer. With this plan, you can claim a refund for all medical treatment associated with an inpatient stay. Read on for an overview of the covers.
Before, during and after your hospital stay
hospicare flexible
You can claim a refund for medical expenses associated with a hospital stay, including same-day admissions.

​Note: This is a general overview of the covers featured in Hospicare. Some of the covers may not apply depending on the options your employer has chosen to include in your corporate plan. An annual deductible may apply. For a complete description of your covers and conditions, contact your Human Resources department.


During a hospital stay

Your hospitalisation insurance covers the following medical expenses associated with a hospital stay:

  • inpatient room and board in a single-occupancy room
  • doctors' fees, diagnostic examinations, treatment and medication
  • prosthetics, implants and other medical material (subject to certain conditions)
  • home births (flat rate compensation)
  • room and board for one of the parents throughout their child's inpatient stay (rooming-in)
  • (emergency) transportation to the hospital or transfers between two hospitals
  • etc.

Day cases – billed by the hospital as a same-day discharge – are also eligible for coverage. Admissions to the emergency or plaster room do not qualify.


Pre-admission and post-discharge outpatient care

Nowadays, patients often require medical attention before and after a hospital stay. These costs will be covered as well, as long as they are directly related to the reason for the hospital admission.


This includes prescription medication, doctors' fees (general practitioner, specialist, etc.), paramedical treatment (physiotherapist, orthopaedist, etc.), nurse-administered treatment and in-home care, prosthetic and orthopaedic devices (eyeglasses, contact lenses, crutches, etc.).

Depending on the terms of your policy, the eligible pre-admission and post-discharge period will be 1 month before and 3 months after hospitalisation or 2+6 months. For example, in case of 1+3: for a hospital stay from 10-15 June, we cover the cost of pre-admission and post-discharge treatment from 9 May to 16 September.

Extra covers

Critical illnesses

Coverage will be provided year-round for critical illness-related medical care, even if no hospital stay is required. In addition, there is no deductible for this cover.

This cover is valid for 30 critical illnesses (download the list in French or Dutch).

Coverage and assistance while travelling abroad

You get the same extensive coverage (Hospitalisation, Pre-Admission/Post-Discharge Outpatient Care, Critical Illness) all over the world, whether in Belgium or further afield. In addition, AG Employee Benefits will settle your hospital bills directly with the foreign hospital (third-party payer agreement). We'll even repatriate any insured family members back home if necessary, all at our expense. 

Interested in finding out more? Download our handy flyer​​!

hospicare flexible
Coverage will be provided year-round for critical illness-related medical care, even if no hospital stay is required.
Optional covers
hospicare flexible
With Medi-Assistance, you’ll never have to pay a cent at any time during your inpatient stay, not even a cash advance.

Optional cover: Medi-Assistance

AG Employee Benefits' third-party payer agreement. To activate this coverage, all you have to do is notify us of your hospital admission – preferably in advance – and once the decision has been made to take on your claim, AG Employee Benefits will settle the final bill directly with the hospital.  You will never have to pay out of your own pocket at any time during your inpatient stay – not even a cash advance – and you'll have the security of knowing immediately that your claim has been approved. Not to mention that Medi-Assistance sometimes also entitles you to additional services, such as help with household tasks and post-natal care.

Not sure whether you have Medi-Assistance or not? Just take a quick look at your card. If you see the Medi-Assistance logo, then this additional cover is included in your corporate plan.

To report a hospital admission via Medi-Assistance, click here.


Optional cover: Delta

With extended Delta coverage, you can claim a refund for the following treatments and services:

  • pre-admission and post-discharge coverage in the 2 months prior to the hospital admission and up to 6 months after discharge
  • alternative medicine: the plan reimburses 50% of the cost of osteopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy and acupuncture when administered before or after a hospital stay or to treat a critical illness
  • fertility treatments (capped at a maximum of EUR 1,000 per treatment)
  • palliative care, whether administered at home or in an accredited hospice day centre

Interested in finding out more about Delta? Download our flyer in French or Dutch!