Claim back the costs year-round

When you start the day off with a bright smile, it can do wonders for your self-esteem. And that’s exactly what Dental Flex, your corporate-sponsored dental plan, has to offer. With Dental Flex, you can claim back the medical costs to keep your mouth in tip-top condition, all year round and even if no hospital stay is required.

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N.B.: Not sure if dental insurance is included in your fringe benefit package? Check with your HR department as your first port of call.
Comprehensive coverage
You can count on Dental Flex for all your dental care needs.

​​Do you have a checkup at the dentist once a year to keep your smile bright and healthy? Good for you! Then you’re entitled to higher refunds from the Sickness Fund for most dental treatments. But these costs can still take a big bite out of the family budget, at all phases of your life. Think back to when you were a child, when you may have worn braces. Later on, as you get older, the odds are higher that you will need dental prosthetics to literally fill in the gaps. Fortunately, there’s always Dental Flex to fall back on.

What exactly is covered?

  • dental care and dental treatment
  • dental prosthetics, crowns, bridges and implants
  • orthodontic treatment and devices such as braces
  • dental x-rays
  • preventive treatment
  • tooth extractions
  • etc.

And if you unexpectedly need to see a dentist while travelling abroad, you can rest assured that Dental Flex will cover your costs. 

Where and when are you covered?


Dental Flex is a dental plan with no surprises. This means:

  • no medical formalities, additional premiums or exclusions
  • no waiting period: coverage is effective immediately, from your first dental appointment following your subscription
  • no exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Your employer selects the coverage that best meets your needs

  • You will be able to claim back 80% of the costs, depending on the option selected by your employer, less any statutory compensation (payable by the Sickness Fund).
  • The total refundable amount will be capped at an annual maximum of €500, €1,250 or €2,500 per insured.
  • A deductible of €0, €75 or €125 may apply.
    For the full details, see your HR department or go to your private area on MyAG Employee Benefits​.
There’s no waiting period to serve: your coverage starts straight away.