Two covers in one

If you’re off on extended occupational incapacity leave, it’s a good idea to plan for the financial consequences. But what about the death benefit payable to your family or Significant Other by your employer should the unthinkable happen to you? Or your savings towards your supplementary pension?
Protection for your family
waiver of premiums
Keep your death benefit coverage, even while off on long-term incapacity leave

While you’re off on long-term occupational incapacity leave, you forfeit your right to your group insurance benefits. One of the main downsides is that your beneficiaries can no longer claim any death benefits if you pass away during your sick leave.

With Waiver of Premiums insurance, however, your death benefit coverage will remain intact throughout the entire duration of your incapacity leave. This way, you’ll have the security of knowing that your loved ones will still be able to collect a financial windfall in the event of your death.
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No worries about your pension

Another downside of taking long-term occupational incapacity leave is that you stop saving towards your supplementary pension, as your employer no longer has to pay your group insurance premiums.

With Waiver of Premiums insurance, however, you’ll continue to grow your supplementary pension nest egg even if you are at home for a long time because of occupational disability.

For more information about earning supplementary pension entitlements, click here.

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waiver of premiums
Continue to grow your supplementary pension nest egg while off on occupational incapacity leave