Your benefits statement at AG Employee Benefits

You recently received from AG Employee Benefits a communication with an overview of your pension plan. You can find more details about this below.

Did you already receive a benefits statement?

It is possible that you already received one or more benefits statements this year, with different status dates. The benefits statement with status date 1 January is legally mandatory. Going forward, we will provide you annually a benefits statement which reflects your status on 1 January. This benefits statement is a legal obligation and will allow you to easily compare the figures with the information on the government website.


How can you check when the figures were calculated?

Just take a look at your benefits statement. At the top of Section One, you’ll see "Status on xx/xx/xxxx", in bold.

If this date is not 1 January, it means that the figures on your benefits statement were calculated at a later date, based on the information applicable at that time.

For the most accurate view of where you currently stand, it’s best to refer to the statement with the most recent status date. Alternatively, you can wait until 28 September and check out our brand new online application. More details will follow soon.


Where to go if you need more information on your benefits statement?

Your first stop for information: your HR department

On the lookout for accurate information about your supplementary pension? Then your company’s HR department is your first stop for information. They can help you quickly and with answers tailored to your particular circumstances. Feel free to contact them for assistance.

AG Employee Benefits is also happy to point you in the right direction

  • Browse through our list of FAQs
    Feeling baffled by the information you receive about your benefits statement? Rest assured you’re not the only one – it’s a complex topic that can be confusing even for specialists. All the more reason to peruse our FAQ section, where we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions and provided clear answers for you.


  • Learn to decipher your benefit statement
    We are aware that you may struggle to understand the benefit statement we send you each year electronically or in paper form. This is why we've developed a handy glossary that explains the key terminology and figures.

    Click here to go to the glossary - available in French or Dutch


  • Contact us!
    At AG Employee Benefits, we’re always available to assist you with any specific questions you may have about your group insurance and your benefits statement.
    Just fill out our online contact form below. Be sure to include your personal reference (the ID number on your benefit statement) for better service and an even faster response.

What’s the difference between the status and the recalculation date?

The status date refers to when the figures were calculated. Insurers are legally required to issue statements reflecting plan participant status on 1 January. On the federal government's pension website, the status date is always 1 January. This means that the figures on your statutory benefit statement will always reflect your status on 1 January of the year in question.

Not sure where to find your status date? It's at the top of Section One of your benefits statement, in bold.

The recalculation date refers to the data used to make the calculations. In most cases, this date is the same as the status date, as we generally integrate new salary information in our calculations on 1 January. Some pension plans, however, specifically mention a different recalculation date in their regulations. If there have been changes after 1 January that impact your pension entitlements, such as a salary increase, the figures on the recalculation date and the status date won't match.

Jargon buster for your benefits statements!

​The information contained in your annual benefits statement – in paper or digital form – is littered with insurance jargon that means little or nothing to most readers. To help demystify your benefits statement, we’ve put together a handy glossary of terms containing the most commonly used expressions. You’ll find the link to this handy jargon buster at the bottom of your electronic benefits statement.Looking for an overview of the available glossaries?

Click on the following links to go to our glossaries: in French or in Dutch.
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