In the event of death prior to 1 Feb 2025
Minimum death benefit: This is the amount that your beneficiary(ies) will be entitled to collect should you pass away before you reach retirement age. Your pension plan regulations will specify who your beneficiaries are in the event of your death.

Supplemental accidental death benefit: This is an additional amount claimable by your beneficiary(ies) on top of the minimum death benefit should you pass away before reaching the expected retirement date.

These figures represent the gross benefit amounts, less taxes and social security deductions, and may vary over time, as is also the case for Retirement benefits.

More information about the tax implications, your tax declaration and estate tax

In the event of total disability prior to 1 Feb 2025
This annuity will be indexed annually if you have been attributed a disability rating of 100% prior to your expected retirement date.

N.B.: This is the amount that applies in the event of total occupational incapacity. If the disability rating is below 25%, no benefits will be paid out. Between 25% and 67%, the benefits will be calculated proportionally to the disability rating. As of 67%, you will be entitled to claim the full amount.

In addition, your plan may also include Waiver of Premiums coverage. In the event of occupational incapacity, no premiums will be charged and AG Insurance will credit premiums to your plan instead.