In the event of death prior to 1/02/2025

Death benefit/vested reserves: This is the amount that your beneficiary(ies) will be entitled to collect should you pass away before you reach retirement age.

Your pension plan regulations will specify who your beneficiaries are in the event of your death. If you prefer use a different order of priority or designate other beneficiaries, you may do so by filling out this form.  This figure represents the gross benefit amount.

Death benefit/vested profit sharing: an additional amount claimable by your beneficiary(ies) on top of the death benefit in the event of your death.

Death benefit profit sharing is generally expressed as a variable percentage of the death benefit and follows the same growth pattern.  

The final payout will be determined according to the applicable tax legislation at the time the benefits are claimed. 

More information about the tax implications, your tax declaration and estate tax

Orphan’s Pension: With this coverage, your surviving children will be entitled to collect additional benefits in the form of an Orphan’s Pension.

It will be payable up until the appointed age specified in the plan.

Death benefit = EUR 0.00.

Your plan does not include death benefit coverage. No death benefit proceeds will be payable to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.