This is where you will find the amount that your beneficiary(ies) will be entitled to collect should you pass away before you reach retirement age. Your pension plan regulations will specify who your beneficiaries are in the event of your death.
You can also designate your beneficiaries yourself by filling out this form.  

In most cases, the death benefit will be equal to the accrued reserves.

Note that this figure represents the gross amount and does not include any deductions for taxes and social security. As is the case with your Retirement benefit, the value of your Death benefit may vary.
More information about the tax implications, your tax declaration and estate tax.

If there is no reference to any Death benefit coverage or the Death benefit = EUR 0.00, this coverage is not included in your plan. This means that no Death benefit proceeds will be payable to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. If you would nevertheless like to include Death benefit coverage, you can send your request to Stfa.employeebenefits@aginsurance.be. Please be sure to specify your account references in all correspondence with us, which you can simply copy from the "Your references" heading.

Annual Orphan’s Pension: With this coverage, your surviving children will be entitled to collect additional benefits in the form of an Orphan’s Pension. If your plan includes this option, the amount will be specified in the Details section along with the names of the eligible children.

Supplementary Accidental Death Benefit: This coverage provides payment of an additional lump sum to your beneficiary(ies) should you die as the result of an accident. If your plan includes this option, the amount will be specified in the Details section.