​​​​​​​AT MATURITY ON 1 FEB 2025

This is where you will find the amount that you will be entitled to collect if you are still alive on the expected retirement date. 
Accrued benefits

This is the gross amount that will be claimable. It does not include any withholding tax, Illness-Disability (INAMI/RIZIV) contribution or solidarity contribution that will be deducted when you retire and cash out of the plan. Under the current legislation, these deductions represent roughly 20% of the gross amount.
Note: as you have left the company, this amount will remain unchanged. 
Accrued profit sharing

An additional return awarded by AG Employee Benefits on top of the guaranteed return. An Illness-Disability (INAMI/RIZIV) contribution and solidarity contribution will be deducted from this gross amount.

Your final payout will be determined according to the applicable tax legislation at the time the benefits are claimed.

A sample case with figures and more information about your tax declaration?