At maturity on 1 Feb 2025

This is where you will see the amount that you will be entitled to collect if you are still alive on the expected retirement date.
In most cases, the retirement age has been set at 65.

Vested benefits:
This is the gross amount claimable on the expected retirement date if you are no longer working as of the status date (see date on benefits statement). This also assumes that you have kept your reserves invested in your AG plan.

Lump sum (including vested benefits) :
If you are still employed with the same company by the time you retire, you will be entitled to collect the simulated lump sum as well as the benefits that have vested through profit sharing.

What exactly do we mean by "simulated lump sum"?
In other words, the value may vary if there has been a change in the variables used to make the calculations (e.g. your salary or working time percentage). As a general rule, your benefits should increase every year to keep up with salary increases (due to indexation, pay raises, etc.). However, your benefits could also decrease, for example, if you reduce your working time percentage or leave the company.

In making the calculation, we assume that the reserves that have accrued to date and the regular premium payments will be invested at a particular interest rate. Depending on when you enrolled in the plan, different interest rates may apply. The applicable interest rates and dates will be specified in your benefits statement.